Monthly Archive: November, 2011

European Union Looks to Deepen Its Wine Lake

This morning, over coffee and a wonderfully crisp apple, I read through the headlines from the various RSS feeds that come through my inbox.  Among the articles that caught my eye was a… Continue reading

What We Are Thankful for This Thanksgiving

In the past I have written a buyer’s guide of sorts on what to drink for Thanksgiving, but considering every newspaper, wine blog and major wine publication has already covered the topic ad… Continue reading

Hold Your Cahorses and Check Your Facts

As I’ve written in the past, I believe it best serves bloggers, of any topic, to focus on the positive side of what they are writing about.  Frankly, the world we live in… Continue reading

Teaching Sense of Place – Associating Wine with Colors

Recently I found myself pushing Riesling and various offerings from the Rhone on the mean streets of Staten Island.  Well, not really that mean, but certainly crowded with potholes and traffic jams.  As… Continue reading

We Need More Bad Religion and Less Green Day in Our Wine

Perhaps I am missing the point or maybe I’m not completely in tune with what’s happening around me, but it seems as though our present social and economic situation is ripe for a… Continue reading

Welcome to the New Wine Culture Project!

Good evening folks, As you can see, you have been redirected to a new version the Wine Culture Project.  Why the change?  Well, it was time to clean up the old site and… Continue reading