Welcome to the New Wine Culture Project!

Good evening folks,

As you can see, you have been redirected to a new version the Wine Culture Project.  Why the change?  Well, it was time to clean up the old site and I am much more comfortable using the WordPress format compared to the old site as I nearly crashed the site at least once a week.  Also, I see it as a turning point for the Project as I will put up more concise posts with greater frequency.  That means more reading for you!  Who’s excited?  I know I am.  I am not sure when I am going to find time to post as I’ve jumped headlong into studies for the Advanced Master Sommelier exam.  I am not sure I have ever read as much about soils, climate and grapes or have tasted as many wines in my life, but it certainly is worth it.  Two main reasons for my studies.  The first is that I love to read about wine. I live in a college town and I’ve never graduated from the academic life.  And coming from a background in studying history, the academic side of wine thrills me.  Secondly, if I go all the way and pass the final two MS exams, it will provide me with more flexibility within the wine world.  Perhaps more travel, encounters with fascinating wines and the ability to teach wines classes in jeans lies ahead in the future!

Anyhow, that is the long and short of what’s going on at the Wine Culture Project.  I haven’t had the time to transfer all of the old posts from the old site to here, but if you want to go back to the old site and check out what you have been missing – hit winecultureproject.com (minus the www) and that is the backdoor we have set up.

As always, thank you for reading and I hope that the transition treats you well and that you continue to encounter new sense’s of place as you try a bottle or two of something less ordinary.