Monthly Archive: March, 2012

I’m Certain That Not All Retailers Are Driven by Scores

Yesterday I was reading through the wine news that I have funneled into my inbox and came across a story by Steve Heimofff regarding the influence that wine ratings hold over the consumer. … Continue reading

What is Minerality? Maybe We Can Learn from a Crocus

A few months ago, I offered a rather rudimentary drawing that maps out what I think might be the process by which minerality expresses itself in a finished wine.  A contentious issue, the… Continue reading

Stand Up to The Importers Behind “At Rest” Legislation in New York

For those of you who do not know, I work for a wine importer that distributes wine to New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  I don’t often mention my work nor write about… Continue reading

Defining Traditional, Modern and Natural Wines

Over my third espresso this morning I read yet another wine writer claim that there isn’t a definition for natural wine.  Sure there is, just as much as there is a clearly defined… Continue reading