A Sense of Time and Place – Sunday Spring in the Garden State

Spring is here in the Garden State.  We had a few days of 80+ degree days a few weeks ago, a few sporadic snow showers a couple of days after that and then it was gray and moist, but with little rain since.  For us here at Chez Kafarski – the unofficial beginning of Spring.  Tiffany and I worked in the garden for a good part of the weekend as we picked one of our favorite cold weather crops – radishes – while we brought down our seedlings for the summer – tomatoes and peppers. And we dare not forget to give thanks for all of the meals given to us by our kale as they have flowered and will soon be gone to seed.

And just when you thought you put your flannel sheets away for the season, we also planted gourds and a seed from last year’s 1,800 pound pumpkin (not ours, but that would have been a lot of pie).  And while we worked in the garden, we sipped a rosé from one of our favorite producers – Will Bucklin.  The Grenache based, salmon hued selection was just what the doctor ordered – a refreshing and bright Spring wine, but with enough grip to keep us warm as the cool evening breeze swept through.

Our Bucklin Rosé Seeds Finally Sprouted in the Kohlrabi Bed

Freshly Picked Radishes

Pumpkin Looking Forward to a Summer Full of Sunshine

Tomato Seedlings Almost Ready to Go Into the Ground

Kale Flowering