Say What You Like About the Tenets of Biodynamics Dude, But at Least It’s an Ethos…

As you can see from the lack of posts, I have put blogging on the back burner. I have made it a point to take less pictures of what I’ve been eating &… Continue reading

The Evolution of a Wine Critic – James Laube and Mayacamas Vineyards

While visiting a local bookstore that sells mainly used books (yes, they exist), my mother phoned me to see if she should pick up a few older wine books for me.  My usual… Continue reading

A Sense of Time and Place – Sunday Spring in the Garden State

Spring is here in the Garden State.  We had a few days of 80+ degree days a few weeks ago, a few sporadic snow showers a couple of days after that and then… Continue reading

Missing the Point with Costco

In case you haven’t noticed it spreading like wildfire on your favorite wine blogs, last week bloggers (myself included) tweeted and posted that the wine buyer for Costco, Annette Alvarez-Peters, asserted in an… Continue reading

An Afternoon on Mount Eden

This past weekend I was lucky enough to sneak off to Mount Eden Vineyards in the Santa Cruz Mountains.  Before we attended a wedding in Campbell, my wife and I met with the… Continue reading

I’m Certain That Not All Retailers Are Driven by Scores

Yesterday I was reading through the wine news that I have funneled into my inbox and came across a story by Steve Heimofff regarding the influence that wine ratings hold over the consumer. … Continue reading

What is Minerality? Maybe We Can Learn from a Crocus

A few months ago, I offered a rather rudimentary drawing that maps out what I think might be the process by which minerality expresses itself in a finished wine.  A contentious issue, the… Continue reading

Stand Up to The Importers Behind “At Rest” Legislation in New York

For those of you who do not know, I work for a wine importer that distributes wine to New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  I don’t often mention my work nor write about… Continue reading

Defining Traditional, Modern and Natural Wines

Over my third espresso this morning I read yet another wine writer claim that there isn’t a definition for natural wine.  Sure there is, just as much as there is a clearly defined… Continue reading

A Sense of Place – Bodega Chacra, Pinot Noir & Rio Negro, Argentina

Argentine Malbec from Mendoza.  Perhaps no other grape has recently been paired with a region so successfully than the Bordeaux export.  Countless examples fill shelves and wine lists – many of them quite… Continue reading